professional drying equipment

Sidechannel Blowers,Humidity Measurement,Turboblower,Dehumidifier,drying Equipment

Highly Innovative
structural drying equipment
highpressure under and overpressure technology
made in Germany

made in Germany

DÖLCO - Quality Drying Equipment - made in Germany

With more than 3000 System partners in Europe, DÖLCO is one of the leading supplier of drying- measure and locating technology.

FD3 DÖLCO is an expert for water damages and we are highly competent to support and advice you in your Application.
    We provide different Workshops in our training center
  • Leakage Detection
  • Claim Settlement & System technology
  • roof leakage detection
  • Infrared thermography

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DÖLCO - Products

Measurement Devices

Measurement of Humidity

flat roof leakage detection

flat roof leakage detection


Dehumidifiers Dehumidifiers

Underfloor Drying Turbines

Drying Turbines Blowers

Underfloor Drying Equipment

Insulation dryer Microfilter Drying Equipment

Competences and Business Fields

  • Production and Development of high Quality Drying Equipment
  • Production and Development of high Quality Measurement Equipment
  • Production and Development of high Quality locating Equipment e.g. flat roof leak detection
  • Best Application Support 24h / 7 days
  • most DÖLCO technologies are damage free

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